Let us take you on a journey. Journey2Slovenia.

The Journey always starts from within. The scent of a flower can instantly take you to a warm summer night. The sound of the waves can relax you as if you were on the most peaceful beach. A piece of cake can shift you back to the amazing venue you will never forget. Each journey transforms us. Million micro moments you experience affect your brain in the most rewarding ways. You don’t know why, you don’t know how, but that’s the magic of it all. We ensure that magic follows you on your way. Fully aware. Sustainable. With a sense of purpose. Let us take you on a journey. Journey2Slovenia.

Welcome to Slovenia, where luxury effortlessly merges with pristine nature, ecological responsibility, and a sustainable way of life. Our captivating country beckons you to explore a realm where opulence harmonizes with environmental preservation against the backdrop of the majestic Alps, crystalline rivers, and ancient forests. At our core, we champion ecological commitment, leading in green policies that make your visit an environmentally responsible journey.

Immerse yourself in a destination where sustainability is not just a trend, but a timeless ethos, seen in eco-friendly accommodations, where every aspect of your stay respects the environment. Discover the culinary magic at Hisa Franko, renowned for its dedication to sustainable policies, where locally sourced ingredients from Soca Valley and Alpine farmers create dishes that celebrate both tradition and innovation.

As you wander through national parks and forests, each step embodies our unwavering dedication to nature preservation. Savor the essence of our land with farm-to-table dining experiences that grace our authentic gastronomy, a philosophy embraced by these exceptional establishments. Slovenia welcomes you to an extraordinary adventure, where luxury is redefined by the pristine beauty of our landscapes, the warmth of our culture, and a steadfast commitment to a sustainable future. Your unforgettable journey starts here—welcome to Slovenia, where luxury lives in harmony with nature.

Stories from Slovenia

Delve into Slovenia’s rich history and discover why it has charmed travelers for centuries. Embark on a luxurious voyage along the picturesque Adriatic coast, soaking in the beauty of the region. Savor delectable cuisine that has delighted even the likes of Anthony Bourdain. Dive into thrilling outdoor adventures, from hiking in majestic mountains to rock climbing. Slovenia’s diverse offerings promise unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

Slovenia – green heart of Europe

Slovenia – green heart of Europe

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia lie some of Europe’s most enchanting natural wonders: its lakes. Among these, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj shine as crown jewels, captivating visitors with their crystalline waters, lush surroundings, and a palpable aura of serenity.

On-Site specialist

Trust our personal guidance to the ultimate Slovenian luxury locations. We are not talking only about Ljubljana or Portorož, there are so many wonderful palaces out here in Slovenia. Contact us if you want to enjoy luxury accommodations and combined with excellent food, wine, wonderful nature, one of a kind adventures, great local culture, history, art and lovable people!

Personalized service

Travel advisors are our life long friends and their clients are kings and queens – that’s the motto we live for. We’ll try to get to know you as much as possible and we’ll create personalized itinerary specifically tailored for you, your family and friends so you can enjoy your Slovenian journey to the fullest.

Industry Connections

It’s always all about connections, relationships, personality, hospitality and people you know – and Yes We Have It All. This is why our industry partners love us and are able to provide great services to our clients, which no one can get except us. We Love Them, They Love us and that’s how we make our Clients Happy creating unique experiences for them.


the charm of Slovenia while enjoying the subtle luxury it has to offer, allowing you to savour every moment of your journey with elegance and comfort.


A restful night’s sleep, where understated luxury and natural beauty blend harmoniously.

Be active

in Slovenia, where every step, hike, or cycle through its stunning landscapes becomes a journey of both adventure and serenity.


in the crisp, Alpine air and feel the tranquility of natural beauties embracing your soul.

I have worked on extremely detailed travels with Ivana and her excellent team.  Not only is their knowledge deep and broad, but they also have excellent guides and contacts.  Perhaps, most importantly, they are such a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Lindblad, Founder, Lisa Lindblad Travel Design

Ivana and her team ALWAYS makes SmartFlyer shine!

Michael Holtz, Founder and CEO,   SmartFlyer

For my clients seeking authenticity, getting off the beaten path or outdoor adventure, Slovenia is becoming more and more popular.  Of course, planning and logistics are easy with Journey2Slovenia. Ivana, Tin and the team know the ins and outs, best guides, hotels and itineraries.  They are creative and love to find that little something that makes a trip special.  From the communication and collaboration of the initial request through the support provided to my clients when they are in country, they are stellar. Choosing Journey2Slovenia is a no brainer.

Susan Andrzejewski, Smartflyer 

Journey2Slovenia always comes through with the most spectacular itineraries for Slovenia! This past year we worked together on a trip for a larger family, and they absolutely loved everything from beginning to end. Not only did he pick exceptional spots for them to stay, he also incorporated some really special culinary and activity experiences based on their unique interests. Even as someone who is not very familiar with Slovenia as a destination, I never hesitate to recommend it because I know team at Journey2Slovenia will knock it out of the park.

SUZY X DODD, SmartFlyer

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