Soca Valley – Slovenia’s emerald secret


It is a haven for food exploring, outdoor sports activities, scenic hiking trails, amazing photography stops and everything that comes with pristine nature.

At the heart of the Julian Alps lays Soca Valley, with its Emerald Road – the world-famous turquoise Soča River. Renowned for its pristine emerald river, rugged mountain landscapes, and outdoor adventures, the Soca Valley is a unique place where natural beauty meets historic and cultural landmarks. It is a haven for food exploring, outdoor sports activities, scenic hiking trails, amazing photography stops and everything that comes with pristine nature.

Soca river

Its water flows across waterfalls and cascades as well as through narrow rocky gorges, and along the way it has carved surprising canyons and pools. The river and its tributaries excite the lovers of natural beauty and seekers of adventurous water sports , such as wildwater kayaking, rafting, canyoning etc. Thanks to its crystal clear water and fast current, Soca is often called the paradise for fly fishing and it is the only permitted method of fishing in the whole Soca Valley. In fact, many of the techniques and presentations of fly fishing were first developed in fishing for trout. The so called Soska postrv, or Soca Trout is an endemic fish to the area and it is not allowed to keep it once caught. Enjoy the thrill of a fly fishing, activity in which many locals engage and one that is easily mastered. Visiting Soca River is an amazing occasion to experience and try something new all while overlooking the beauty of Slovenian nature.


Bovec, also known as the “Outdoor Capital of Slovenia,” is a charming Alpine town, a gateway to exhilarating outdoor experiences and breathtaking landscapes. Thanks to its proximity to the Soca River, Bovec is a perfect starting point for all your outdoor adventures. From rafting and kayaking on the Soca river, to a network of hiking and biking trails in the lush forests that surround Bovec, the town provides a truly unforgettable experience. Soaring over the valley offers a unique vantage point to admire the Alpine beauty and lush Slovenian greenery.


The town’s idyllic location along the Soca River is a draw for nature enthusiasts. The river’s crystal-clear waters offer opportunities for swimming, fishing, and kayaking, while the surrounding mountains provide a stunning backdrop for hiking and cycling. However, Kobarid’s history is deeply intertwined with the events of World War I, particularly the Battle of Caporetto. The Kobarid Museum is a must-visit, providing an informative journey into this turbulent period. It houses a remarkable collection that vividly illustrates the hardships and heroism of those times. But the town’s history goes back even further: to antique times evident from archaeological findings, to the Napoleon Bridge in the narrowest part of the Soča Gorge. Kobarid is also special due to an incredible number of world-class restaurants in such small area.


The biggest town in Soca Valley, Tolmin, is another picturesque destination, surrounded by mesmerising Soca River and the famous gorges. Just a short stroll from the town center is the lowest and probably the most beautiful entry point into the Triglav National Park – the Tolmin Gorges. Wooden walkways lead you through narrow gorges, over swirling pools, and beneath cascading waterfalls. It’s a place where the power of nature leaves an indelible impression. Nearby, another important historic landmark can be visited – Javorca. The church celebrates the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders of the Isonzo Front battlefield and is recognised as one of the most beautiful World War I memorial in the Republic of Slovenia. Due to its importance, it was placed on the list of particularly important European historical and cultural heritage.

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